Michael Wong Tai Chi Tai Chi Combat Vol 1

Michael Wong Tai Chi: Tai Chi Combat Vol 1
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Genre: Martial Arts Tutorials

Tai Chi is an ancient martial art, today associated with peace, health and relaxation. However it was created originally as a powerful form of fighting based on a deep understanding that was developed over generations.

This DVD will take you through both the Yang and Chen styles of Tai Chi. You are given not only a step-by-step guide to the forms but are then shown how to apply the movements in the close quarter combat zone. Generating immense power and speed Combat Tai Chi is a destructive and potent weapon well worth the time to learn for any Martial Artist.

Master Wongs Combat Tai Chi is a highly effective fighting art. Learn how to flick people across a room, lift them off the floor or put them to the ground with ease as you perfect the ability to use your entire body, achieving precision, balance and grace.